Syed Nasiruddin Viquar

Syed Nasiruddin Viquar - Awardwinning Islamic Artist
Syed Nasiruddin Viquar is an award-winning Islamic Artist with over 2000+ vintage Islamic art under his creation in form of painting, woodwork, etc. Spent more than 50 years in researching about Islamic History.

Achievements include research in history of religion from Adam to Muhammed. Recipient Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani award, 2007.

Viquar, Syed Nasiruddin was born on July 5, 1948, in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Son of Syed Mohiuddin Sultan and Rabia Sabi.

Master of Arts in Islamic Studies, Osmania University, Hyderabad, 1968. Bachelor of Liberal Studies, Osmania University, 1973.

Documentalist United Nations Development Program, Kenya, 1977—1982. Library King Faisal Foundation, Riyadh, 1983—2006. President Imamululoom Educational Society, Hyderabad, since 2006. Chairman House of Talent since 2006.

Achievements include research in history of religion from Adam to Muhammed.

Hans India Pubished an article about Syed Nasiruddin Viquar, renowned Islamic Artist mentioning,

"Viquar started wood inlay artwork in the year 2008 and later perfected himself in sculpting and later went on to achieve several awards and at national level in his particular category. His art works include relics of Islam, like grand mosques of Mecca, Madina, other historic Mosques and many historic monuments like Golconda engraved on wood. The artwork starts from a small size of 12*18 inch size to a bigger size. He uses instruments like piercing saws, wood cutter, micro saw, glue, shining spray and different types of wood to provide different shades in inlay work. The process starts from taking a photo copy of the picture and pasting it on the wooden frame and later work starts by sculpting and attacking pieces of wood.

The work of the inlays is done using different types of wood (there are about 132 types of wood he currently uses). The pieces of wood start from size of pin, which is will be used for filling the decorative art. “The process covers a range of techniques in sculpture and a decorative art for inserting wood pieces into a contrasting wood. After inserting pieces of wood by applying paste, the artwork is kept for 3 to 4 days. For some artwork is shining spray is also used for giving a glowing effect and to highlight all the minute details. An average project completes in about a month after spending 4-5 hours of time daily,” Viquar explained. Viquar’s artwork was exhibited both at National and International art galleries. He recently represented to the Deputy CM, Mohammad Mahmood Ali to set up an Islamic Art Gallery, where struggling artists can get recognition in this genre."

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